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The Cradle of Indian civilisation, the Indus Valley, where thousands of years ago, in the ancient cities of Mohenjadaro and Harappa they made the very hills resound to the sound of their festivity. Four thousand years later, you will see the land come alive again as it throbs once more to the beat of drums.


This winter, as the green of river side oases begins to turn russet and gold the “ WESTMOUNT PROJECTS ” will offer you a taste of its unique culture.

There are indeed a number of ways you can show the special care and affection, your family deserves. The WESTMOUNT PROJECTS ’ membership is one such. It can be treasured and is a valued expression of the deepest sentiment and affection of your loved ones. Simply because its “ VALUE APPRECIATES WITH THE PASSAGE OF TIME ”


INTEGRITY is the strongest feature of the WESTMOUNT PROJECTS. It is the corner stone of every thing we do. Sounds like just another claim? May be. But to verify it, talk to people who have invested in the projects created by WESTMOUNT PROJECTS and their earlier associates. We believe their responses would crystallize to form one word. And there ’ s no guessing which one.

We have always set a high premium on quality with over one decade of pioneering expertise behind us, we are today in the forefront in the real estate business. Our customers, therefore, are always in the most comfortable position in regard to quality, clarity, flexibility and finally, overall economy. Our organization has grown from strength to strength and is today one of the most coveted properties in the vicinity.

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